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Hair Damage and the Hair Treatments

image  Frayed and Cracked Cuticle               image Thinning Hair/ Loss       image  Hair Damage

Hair damage happens when you have Cuticle Loss when the cuticle begins to fray and crack within your hair structure and the hair shaft experiences massive cracks  which causes rupturing along its length, damaging the cortex and medulla causing the hair to loose the Keratin materials within the hair structure making the hair shaft thinner or entire portions of the cuticle alternately layer altogether removed leaving the hair fiber open and unprotected as the fibers fray and give the hair shaft a ragged, unstable alignment with severe damage causing loss of elasticity & the hair is unable to stretch and recover adequately in which the hair reaches its tensile strength that makes your hair reaches its breaking point that begins to shows outside the hair strands and breakage of your hair begins to breaks easily when mechanically manipulated by brushing and combing which results in even more significant breakage of the hair as the more and more the hair structure begins to unravel you will begin to experience hair thinning, hair loss, and hair damaged upon your hair strands. Both porosity and moisture loss are a result of cuticle damage meaning that the cuticle layer is no longer tightly aligned and is no longer providing adequate protection to the inner hair shaft. Sebum is not properly being distributed along the hair strand due to a misaligned cuticle layer causing the hair cortex degradation and also the resultant of your hair porosity are the fundamental reasons that hair loses pliability and becomes alternately straw-like in feel & appearance, splitting of ends. Split ends are essentially longitudinal ruptures at the end of the hair shaft and because they expose the inner structures. Split ends are typically dry and quite brittle causing excessive tangling which may make the cause the hair to be very difficult to comb because of the frayed fibers snagging, tugging and pulling one another producing fly-away fibers and fly-away fibers hair carries a relatively high electrostatic charge causing hair strands to repel one another and the hair is highly unmanageable and the hair won't hold curls well and does not have the fullness and “Body”  in which hair volume is known as and therefore you create hair loss and damage but luckily there are treatments for all hair damage though it is not a permanent fix it is a solution for your hair care needs and Healthy Hair Plus can help you find the right product for your hair care treatment and also check out Hair, Beauty, and Health website and check out some great products for your hair care treatment as well.


   Joico K-Pak Reconstructor is an excellent conditioner for extreme damaged hair with its multi-action formulas featuring mega doses of revolutionary Bio-Advanced Peptide™ and Quadramine® complexes making Joico K-Pak the most powerful reconstructive technologies known to hair that helps hair heal back as it repair and strengthen your hair precisely where it needs it, when it needs it. Joico discovered the unmatched ability of human hair Keratin to repair human hair with effective ways of rebuilding and protecting the hair structure along with reading Healthy Hair growth of new healthy hair cells faster with All About Healthy Hair E-Books.


     You can do this by using Deep Penetrating Conditioner and Moisturizer used in combination or followed by Reconstructor with some of your homemade regimens depending on the extent of your hair damage along with Carrier and Essential Oils to help promote healing of the Scalp and Hair Structure. You should Deep Conditioner in combination with Moisturizers weekly and Reconstructor monthly for significant results with your hair condition improves dramatically over continuous use of daily, weekly, and monthly use of quality hair care treatment to help repair and restore your dry, brittle hair.


  Doing this daily, weekly, and a reconstructor monthly will improve your hair texture with visible difference to the eye and touch of your hair with each consistent use of treating your hair for results of you having healthy Hair along with the use of Essential and Carrier Oils.