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The Hair Follicle??????????

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The Follicle is where your hair begins its journey because it is the structure of your hair and a healthy follicle will deliver long healthy hair. A healthy hair follicle will have your hair looking soft, shiny, bouncy, and luxurious on the other hand an unhealthy hair follicle will have your hair dry, unruly, damaged, and unmanageable. Hair, which is defined as strands growing on head or body: the mass of fine flexible protein strands that grow from follicles on the skin of a person or animal, especially those on somebody’s head. A Hair Follicle is the tubular epithelial sheath that surrounds the lower part of the hair shaft and encloses at the bottom a vascular papilla supplying the growing basal part of the hair with nourishment. A hair follicle penetrates the dermal layer of the skin composed of fibroblast cells and collagen connective tissue interspersed with blood vessels, sweat glands, and sensory nerves. The bulb region sits in the subcutaneous (adipose fat) tissue layer. The shaft of the hair follicle consists of three layers of cells: the cuticle the outer most layer, the cortex forming the main horny portion of the hair, and the medulla, which is the central axis and each strand of hair sits in a cavity in the skin which makes up your hair follicle, so with that being said let’s analyze your hair by finding out your hair porosity, elasticity, and texture to find out whether your hair porosity, elasticity, and texture is normal. The hair porosity and width is defined as the ability or inability of your hair to absorb water or other substances deep into the cortex. We have all damaged our hair porosity one way or another when we do a relaxer, hair color, permanent wave, with the environment changes, or just a pH imbalance and we repeat the same damaging process over and over again without proper conditioning and treatment to our hair shaft your hair will begin to allow moisture to be deprived thus making your hair dry, brittle, unruly, and prone to split ends. The hair elasticity and strength is depended upon a healthy or unhealthy cortex and an unhealthy hair shaft will tend to make the hair break easily while styling or grooming because the elasticity measure the strength of the hair in which a normal hair strand should be able to stretch about 1 and 1/3 its original length, as well as support a 100-g weight without breaking. The hair texture and diameter is defined as the degree of fineness or coarseness of your hair which varies on each individual hair structure and many hair experts agree on four hair texture types: (fine, medium, coarse and wiry). Our Health ties in with the anatomy of the body meaning that our health is more important than we would all like to think it is because without our health we would not have the one thing that makes us humans beings all together so unique, extraordinary, and common but very different as individuals. This is no other than our hair because we all in some shape and fashion have those hair follicles within our skin that gives us our human hair strands that tie in with our body and health. The human body also produces a natural conditioner called (sebum) which is the body’s natural conditioner for a normal hair follicle that gives you your healthy or unhealthy hair follicle hair tresses.   Your hair follicle determines your hair’s wave pattern which means that you could have straight, wavy, curly, a kinky coiled, fine fuzzy HAir types & texture images  Another straight hair type rapper evewavy curly hair for rapper eveCurly hair rapper eveEve rapper curls rockEve kinky afro hair           or coarse hair wave pattern texture which will determine the different variations in the type of hair in which you can normal hair, combination hair, oily hair, and dry hair and this will be the condition of your scalp. The 4 different wave pattern variation in the hair follicle_001 (463x599) 
Short hairAlicia-Keys coiled hairCurly HairSolange-Knowles-natural-hair       You have different factors that play a role in your hair type, texture, and condition such as the environment you live in, excessive physical manipulation, chemical manipulation, harsh shampoos, illness, medication, and your diet plan can lead to hair shedding, thinning, and eventually hair loss if you do not treat your hair with the appropriate care and products. your environment plays a role in your haircold where you liveIs it hot dry and very humid where you liveThings that contribute to hair loss_001 (463x599)Shampoos and Conditioners_001 (463x599)Vitamins are a balance complement to any diet_001 (463x599)       You is your hair hope, health, and future because all things important to your hair starts within you and you have the power to have the hair that you once paid someone else to treat and care for you yourself all with a little persistence, determination, patience, commitment, as well as a few trial and error in becoming your own professional stylists while keeping your healthy hair budget just that a healthy hair budget that your wallet and economic lifestyle change will be happy with. The beauty of hair is how it is formed and once formed what it turns out to be and look like outside of the skin from with it is boned that forms our uniqueness and very much different but alike in so many forms and appearance. Hair is our DNA meaning it is what makes us so different but alike a single simple structure hair strand can tell an individual’s life history and just what is in your blood stream and your blood stream ties in with the health and life of a normal healthy hair follicle but we would not have the beauty of hair without it. Hair first appear after about three months of our embryonic development and those hairs are known as lanugo because they are extremely fine and unpigmented and they usually sheds before birth that are then replaced by one of two types of hairs in the adult integument which is vellus hairs that are fine “peach fuzz” hairs located over the majority of the body and then you have your second type of hair which is your terminal hairs that are heavy, more deeply pigmented and sometimes curly which gives us our different types, as well as textures that create the ultimate beauty of a normal healthy hair follicle of long, soft, silky, shiny, healthy, and beautiful mane of tresses for any individual.   FIXING HAIR 3A healthy hair follicle to a bad hair follicleEvery hair grows within a hair follicle imagehair-shaft healthy and inflamedhair image