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How Important is Porosity to and for the Hair?

The Hair Porosity

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The state or quality or being porous which measures the ease of the hair’s ability to accept and release moisture and other substances and if your hair is not accepting or releasing moisture as well as other substances it may be because the hair is more ready and willing to let the natural moisture escape from the inner Hair Fiber into the atmosphere instead of holding the moisture in the Hair Fiber. Both porosity and moisture loss are a result of Cuticle damage meaning that the overlapping scales are beginning to break off and are no longer tightly aligned layers and providing the complete adequate coverage to the inner Hair Shaft (Cortex) because of it’s lack of tightly aligned overlapping scales that was to serve as protection.



How Important is Porosity to the Hair

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Porosity is very important to Hair Cuticle (the outermost part of the Hair Shaft) because it is the first line of defense against all forms of damage as it is identified at the lower level of the Hair Bulb where the cells of the cuticle is interlocked with those inner Root Sheath firmly anchoring the Hair in the Follicle and the inner Root Sheath must grow at the same time as the Hair or faster as it molds and guide the shaft in its passage outward as well as being more than just a protective layer that is to provide protection for the the inner, soft tissue called the (Cortex) because if not protected (Cortex) the Hair Cuticle could be frayed and fall apart breaking up the Hair Structure (cuticle, cortex, medulla). The Hair Cuticle it represents the structure that controls the water content of the hair fiber because the hair cuticle is responsible for much of the mechanical strength of the hair fiber. Once it falls apart there will be evidence of a damaged to the Hair Cuticle because split ends will occur when the Hair Cuticle is damaged as well as the fibers of the Cortex will begin to unravel causing the hair to become dry, brittle, prone to tangling, and also split ends along the Hair Shaft if this has occurred then a protein treatment which is designed to add Strength and Elasticity to the cortex by adding a Protein Treatment twice a month to the altered and damaged Hair Structure (cuticle, cortex, medulla) since hair is mainly composed of Keratin you will be adding back your Hair’s strength as well as restoring the Hair’s Elasticity back to your hair cuticula Pilli that is composed of closely packed fusi form keratinized cells.



How Important is Porosity for the Hair

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Porosity is very important for the Hair Cuticle because it is what the hair needs for the Hair Fiber to stay moisturize and healthy. Porosity is what helps the Hair follicle to be fed it’s vital essential nutrients that is very much so needed for the Hair Strand to stay normal and healthy as well as to continue producing a healthy Hair Follicle since it is located where the Hair Shaft ( Derma Papilla, Derma Sheath, Capillaries, Hair Matrix) which is the main growing component blocks that regulate and promote the most important parts of the Hair Follicle that is responsible for hair growth . Porosity for the Hair Fiber and Hair Cuticle are especially important to the Hair Cuticle when alteration to the original hair strand has been altered and once altered or damaged has occurred there is no real way to completely restore your broken Hair Structure (cuticle, cortex, and medulla) back to it’s original state of being and this permanent damaging alteration could be caused by excessive mechanical manipulation such as brushing, using heat like hot irons or curlers, chemical processing such as texturizers, perms, relaxers, and color, and also everyday elements such as the sun, wind, humidity, cold, or even dry weather elements can cause wear and tear on your hair and damage the hair cuticle as well. You can cut all of your hair altered or damaged areas if you want to get rid of the damaged alteration is just one of the ways you can try to restore your Hair’s porosity but there are numerous of ways to make your hair feel and handle more like healthy hair again and this is where conditioners and conditioner treatments for dry, damaged, brittle, and over processed hair comes into playing a major role in delivering the much needed lost of moisture back to dry, damaged, brittle, and over processed hair as well as detangling the hair, help in providing protection against thermal and mechanical damage, and conditioners and conditioners treatment also can impart sheen and appear to give hair back it’s soft texture.