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Your TYPE 1 Hair

Your Type 1 Hair is your straight to minimal wave type hair commonly found in over fifty percent of your Caucasian community. Caucasian hair varies due to the genetic influence of mixing ancestry whose hair can range from white blond, to browns, to red, and to black which can be broken down into three categories (a)Thin Straight Hair, to (b)Medium Straight Hair, to your (c)Coarse Straight Hair Texture in which each hair type have its own unique characteristic that makes each category look and feel different as well as respond differently.
Type 1    (A) Thin Straight Hair: which tends to be your white blond hair the finest of all hair textures in the Type 1 straight hair type and texture category it is oval in cross section which is what makes it fine to medium in diameter.
(B) Medium Straight Hair: This hair type and texture tends to be the darker and reds shades tone of hair in the Type 1 category with all the body and volume with the dark hair being coarser and the red hairs being the coarsest of  the blonde hair type.
(C) Coarse Straight Hair:  This hair which is usually the thickest in diameter with the strongest strength in all of the ethnicity that causes their hair to grow longer than any other hair type and this hair type comes in the blacks or browns color shades hair types that many of us try to imitate with weave extension thus helping us to create the thickness, fullness, and bone straightness of this particular hair type and texture which is usually associated with the Asian Ethnicity Community who normally tends to have this type and texture of hair.