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How Often Should You Trim Your Ends & Why Should You Trim Your Ends?

When your hair is weakened from damaged, over-processed, or chemically altered it has been permanently damaged from its original state of healthiness and in order for your hair to get back healthy and stay healthy, thick, and full you must keep those split ends tamed so that they do not crawl up your hair shaft and break off more hair than you allow by not wanting to cut off what has begin to break because of you being scared to cut your hair off because you want to retain your hair’s length when in reality you are just holding on to dead hair that will eventually crawl further and further up your hair shaft while stunning the growth of your new long, thick, full, and healthy hair by not properly keeping your ends trimmed as often as needed or when necessary will eventually lead to hair loss. Trimming your ends should be after every relaxer which should be stretched for at least 12-14 weeks or longer if hair is properly deep conditioned as well as moisturized which should keep your new growth soft and manageable until you give your next relaxer for those of you who have chemical treated hair and only when you are noticing a lot of breakage and shedding of your hair than you normally shed then you should trim your ends to eliminate the broken ends that has been caused from damage to the hair’s structure from excessive abuse of heated appliances, the environment, brushing, illness, dryness, weakened brittle, damaged, or even over-processed hair no matter what your hair issue is your hair has begun to show you signs of distress and damage and it is your place to tend to the distress that your hair is showing to find a resolution to your hair’s need before you have to start over you should first start by removing those dead split ends immediately or when necessary and finding the appropriate hair care products on Healthy Hair Plus to treat your damaged hair structure before your ends takes over and start ruining your Healthy Hair’s life.

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There are ways you can trim your hair which is while your hair is wet or dry all depending on the type and texture of the hair you may have. You will need a cutting cape & comb, neck strips, clips, shears, and some split ends which you can find all these supplies and more on my squidoo lens in the amazon section on Hair, Beauty, and Health. If giving a wet trim is your know how you should know to lightly moisten the hair with a spray bottle and section your hair off into four or five sections with the hair clips to help keep your hair from being in the way of the section of hair you are trimming. Once hair is sectioned off part hair into thin pie slices and proceed to clip your hair ends some areas may be different lengths depending on the amount of damaged and nature of your ends than other parts of your hair due from the extent of your damage but remember hair is the only non destructible thing on the human body so with that in mind just know that your hair will grow back even longer, stronger, and healthier . Do this step section by section until you have completed your entire head and the same steps go for a dry trim cut as well for those of you who is very good and prefer to do dry cuts. You will be amazed at how just trimming your ends will make such a big difference to the feel, strength, elasticity, and texture or your hair once you have removed those dead ends and allowed the new Healthy Hair in.