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Protective Stylish look for the day me and my Afro Puffs.


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I mold my hair with my mixture of a smoothing pudding out of shea butter, aloe vera gel, eco style oilve oil gel, organic just for girls smoothing pudding, olive oil, cocnut oil, and sweet almond oil completely mixing all the ingredients together until I got a smooth creamy but pudding like mixture and after I shampooed my air and conditioned it I sprayed my mixture of a leave-in conditioner on and rub some of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum on my hair and comb it through to my ends and let my hair air dry and after it air dried I then proceeded to part my hair and mold my two ponytails and wrapped my hair with my silk scarf and let it dry in place and after my hair dried I placed my drawstring pony puffs onto each ponytail with it’s two tucking comb located inside the afro puff and pulled the drawstring to it was secure enough for me and here go my protective stylish look for the day on All About Healthy Hair…..


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