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Another All About Healthy Hair Protective Ponytail Style…….


I am still sporting my Afro Puffs but only this time it is a single ponytail instead of a double puff power going on this week and I shampooed my hair as normal but I added a little Olive Oil and Coconut Oil with my mixture conditioner that I just let processed with a plastic cap for about an hour to let my body heat activate the opening of my cuticles wanted a slow deep penetrating treatment with the Olive Oil and Coconut Oil and after the conditioner was rinsed from my hair I then sprayed my Leave-In Conditioner Mixture onto my hair and proceeded to comb my hair up in a ponytail fashion to let it air dry in that form and after my hair air dried I applied my mixture of a hair pudding onto my hair and created my ponytail and then placed my scarf around my hair to hold it in place as my hair dried and after my hair dried I then placed my drawstring ponytail onto my molded up ponytail and here are the end results. Thanks for following me on my short relaxed hair journal.