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My Honey, Sweet Almond Oil, and My Moisturizing Conditioner Mixture Homemade Hair Treatment

Here I am chilling after just finishing with my hair treatment of 1/4C honey, 1Tbs sweet almond oil, and a 1/2C of my moisturizing conditioner mixture. I first used my water bottle to spray mist my hair because I just wanted it damp and not totally saturated dripping wet with water, I then applied my treatment to my hair after I completely mixed all the ingredients together which turned out to have a creamy texture and then I proceeded to add a plastic cap on as I let it set and processed for about 20 minutes as the plastic cap was used to reserve my body heat as it helps to open up my cuticles in order for the homemade hair treatment to penetrate into my hair cuticles. After sitting for twenty minutes I shampooed my hair as normal with my mixture of shampoos that I am experimenting with right now to see how they will combine together and work for my hair and after the shampoo and rubbed some Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum through my hair and then proceeded to spray on my mixture of a leave-in conditioner onto my hair and wrapped it around like a wrap and let it air dried after it completely air dried I bumped it with my flat irons on low heat about 350c and  spray misted it with my Kera Care Liquid Sheen Mist afterwards and here is the end results of my finished hair treatment mixture and styled hair and below you will see how I mixed and applied the mixture to my hair and thank you for visiting and viewing my blogger All About Healthy Hair.