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Your Type 3 Hair

This hair type has the most body of all the hair types and it can be versatile as well such as being curly or blown straight to appear as relaxed hair and this is what makes this hair type the in between hair type despite it's curly appearance and just like the other two hair types before it to has three hair category type A, B, and C within it's curlier S loop pattern of the hair follicle that is well defined and springy.  
Your Type 3A Hair:
This wavy distinct S pattern is curved with an uniform hair follicle pattern but with it's versatility it can be either curly or straight this hair type hair a twisty curly hair follicle with it's defined S pattern shape can be a combination of frizzy hair and shiny hair depending on the length and texture of this hair type.
Your Type 3B Hair:
This hair type is still a combination of straight but curly and the curls are a little more tighter than 3A hair type. The S shape pattern in the hair follicle becomes a little more tighter and curlier which becomes your deeper S curl pattern that have a oily appearance but can be thick and dry with a coarser texture and will need to be treated weekly or even daily depending on the hair type and texture.
Your Type 3C Hair Type:
 This hair type becomes your more curly defined mixed curl pattern as the S formation becomes more ringlet and in depth with a curlier wave pattern as this hair type is more close in relation with the next hair type that comes after this which is your type 4 hair and hair type 3 tend to be more in need of moisture to help keep it's ringlets moist and conditioned.

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