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Hair, Beauty, and Health is a website that informs you of the main components that ties your hair with its beauty, your health and how it is formed. I created this lens as my very first introduction into the hair world online since having healthy hair is my first love. I worked so hard on this lens and tried to be as informative as possible about how you can have healthy hair no matter your age, sex, ethnicity, or heritage because all human hair has the ability to grow long, beautiful, and healthy with the proper care, maintenance, and products and I have talked about and shared some incredible hair care products links that nourishes the hair follicle from the inside out and by learning of your hair's structure, texture, curl and growth pattern you will be ready for whatever hair issue that may arise and find the proper solution or hair remedy for your hair issue by visiting my squidoo lens Hair-Beauty-and-Health website along with visiting some of my other web links like my Google+ blog  All About Healthy Hair blog spot and my Facebook page All About Healthy Hair where I have unlimited sources that also gives very informative and knowledgeable hair care guides and tips as well as healthy eating habit menus to help you change your eating habit for the better you and new body that will help keep your hair follicle well nourished as you incorporate some of the E-books tips and advice with those healthy new eating habits you will learn to incorporate into your new insight of hair knowledge with some of the new links you learned of off my websites because All About Healthy Hair is my motto and what a joy it is to be able to share my love for healthy hair with you all.