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Hair is made of a tough protein called Keratin....

Now that we have an understanding of what hair is composed of now let's learn of this tough protein called Keratin that hair is made of and all of it's necessary components needed in order for your hair to stay nourished, healthy, and growing long beautiful hair tresses.
This is an excellent image provided by that gives you an inside look into the hair structure that labels all the components that makes up and support the hair strand growing inside of the hair follicle located inside of the skin that goes through a growth cycle pattern. 
This is another good image of hair inside the follicle provided by  here you see the necessary components needed for the hair strands to grow and extend out of the skin and there are a lot of components connected to the hair strand that begins it's journey inside of the human body and as you can see the human body plays a major role in the aide of growing strong, healthy, and beautiful hair.