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 All About Healthy Hair presents to you some basic hair wet sets that is one of the healthy hair care hairstyles that is very easy and simple to do and can last at least a week with proper maintenance and upkeep that requires you to wrap your hair at night and tie with a silk scarf you may also add a few silk rollers  at the crown with end papers on your ends so that it helps to hold your hair ends in place without the frizz for added volume at the crown. You can also visit Toni's Complete Hairdressing Videos to learn how to become your own professional hairstylists every week with this master course on hairdressing or maybe you need help rejuvenating your hair follicle so that you can began to grow your hair 5x faster with Grow Long Hair Fast that help you to treat your hair follicle so that you can be on your way to long, beautiful, healthy, and rejuvenated hair growth to long hair.
 All About Healthy Hair
In order to be able to make some healthy decisions for your healthy hair budget, beauty, and health you must first understand what your hair is composed of, your hair type, your hair texture, your hair growth cycle pattern, your hair follicle, your body and health since you are in control of all these things. Once you have determined what your hair type and texture is you will be better able to find hair care treatment regimen and ways of maintaining a healthier body, eating habit, hair follicle, and healthy head of hair that will show in your hair's texture and condition. The more knowledgeable you become of your hair type, texture, and structure then you will learn how any and everything can affect your hair follicle when the bonds are broken by repeated chemically and physically alterations to the hair follicle, shaft, and structure can not be completely restored but it may be treated with Conditioners and Home-made Hair Regimen to make your hair look and feel healthy again after the chemically and physically alterations.
This is an image of materials to fix between the cuticles & keratin between the hair follicle. 
First image Virgin hair
Second image Single Processed Hair
Third Image Multiple Processed Hair